Sunday, October 17, 2010

Schnitzel & Things Schedule for the week of Oct 18 - Oct 24

Monday: Hudson Street and King Street or Houston 11:30-2:00

Tuesday: 46th street between 5th & 6th avenues 11:30-2:00

Wednesday: Park Avenue between 26th and 27th streets 11:30 - 2:00

Thursday: 52nd street between 6th & 7th avenues 11:30 - 2:00

Friday: 52nd street & Lexington 11:30 - 2:00

Saturday: OFF

Sunday: OFF


  1. How come FiDi gets no schnitz-love? Don't be a chickenschnitz. Come back to broad and water!

  2. I second the motion!!!

  3. Forget it- they get famous, do the FoodTv thing, and now its all about the $$$- there isn't a 45 min line in FiDi, so Oleg just doesn't care anymore.

  4. you are ruining my Monday lunch routine by moving from FiDi!

  5. Love your schnitzel, but I'm stuck in FiDi! See you soon....?

  6. Where are you guys??? I need my Monday Schnitzel back!!! I'm in the FiDi and me and my German friends need you...

  7. I agree with the above 6 comments, come back to FiDi!! Please!!

  8. We'll try to come back soon. Chris, one thing you are right about is the money. If FiDi is our slowest location, why wouldn't I as a business owner try to find a location that will give us more revenue.

    It's actually not that simple. We would love to come back to FiDi but we have A LOT OF EXPENSES that we need to cover on a weekly basis. If you think that being on TV has made me any extra money, you'd be surprised.

    We apologize to all the loyal fans that want us back in FiDI. We would love to come back soon. We will certainly keep you updated. We would love to spread the schnitz love to everyone, but it's kind of hard with one truck :( and unfortunately some people will be upset. We'll be back as soon as we can. Thanks for understanding