Thursday, March 18, 2010

New policy pertaining to phone orders

Dear awesome customers,

We are forced to tweak the phone ordering system for several reasons. Firstly, the weather is getting nicer which means lines will be longer. Secondly, we were only taking pre-orders of 1 platter or sandwich for the winter time. It is no longer possible to do that, since the lines are extremely long. It is unfair to the people that stand in line for 30 minutes and we do not in any shape or form want to offend or alienate these customers. We will continue to take phone orders because we also do not want to lose business from our corporate customers.

There are only 3 people on the truck, and they are working as hard as they can to take orders from the queue while at the same time take phone orders. We hope you appreciate how difficult it is to juggle phone/line orders at the same time.

However, like we said, we would still like to take phone orders whenever we can. From now on there must be a 3 order minimum on all calls. We apologize for any inconvenience that this new policy may cause to the people that are used to pre-ordering one sandwich. For these people we recommend asking two other friends/co-workers to order with them. The goal is to make it fair for everyone, especially people waiting in line. We would like to take care of the line orders as effectively as possible, without getting bombarded with phone calls. We think this new policy will make it easier to service the people that actually have to stand in line. We hope you understand. Many thanks

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